Wednesday, 26 December 2012

KIOKU 1 litre of tears


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamualaikom w.b.t.

Two days ago, i had finished watching a Japanese drama. Wallah. It brought me into a tan of tears. Actually, i found so much advice from this drama. The title of this drama is Kioku- 1 litre of Tears. It was adapted from a real story.

Ever heard about Spinocerebellar Degeneration disease ?

Is there a cure for this disease ?
Best Answer
There is no known cure for spinocerebellar ataxia, which is a progressive disease (it gets worse with time), although not all types cause equally severe disability.
 Treatments are generally limited to softening symptoms, not the disease itself. The condition can be irreversible. A person with this disease will usually end up needing to use a wheelchair, and eventually they may need assistance to perform daily tasks.
 The treatment of incoordination or ataxia, then mostly involves the use of adaptive devices to allow the ataxic individual to maintain as much independence as possible. Such devices may include a cane, crutches, walker, or wheelchair for those with impaired gait; devices to assist with writing, feeding, and self care if hand and arm coordination are impaired; and communication devices for those with impaired speech.
 Many patients with hereditary or idiopathic forms of ataxia have other symptoms in addition to ataxia. Medications or other therapies might be appropriate for some of these symptoms, which could include tremor, stiffness, depression, spasticity, and sleep disorders, among others.
 Both onset of initial symptoms and duration of disease can be subject to variation. If the disease is caused by a polyglutamine trinucleotide repeat CAG expansion, a longer expansion may lead to an earlier onset and a more radical progression of clinical symptoms.
 From, Dr.arke at the childrens hospital

It is about Ikeuchi Aya, 15 years old girl who was jus attending her high school. But she was found to get this disease. Her mother realised a weird things had happened to Aya. Because she is always fall and cannot hold chopsticks rightly.
Within this disease, she cannot play basketball anymore. Not long after that, she can't walk anymore. She also always chock whenever she is eating. Then,no more words can be hear from her mouth. Everytime she want to talk, she will pointing her finger to the Japanese alphabet plank that being prepared by Dr. Mizuno. Everyday she will write her diary. When she was at the school for those who disabled, people who read her writing so inspired due to her writing. Yet, a man who work as a volunteer there would like to include her writing in his book. Aya give permission happily as she know that she still be able to do something.Her okaasan (mother) is one of those who are really supporting her. calming her. I really feel that sadness deep inside. How much her okaasan love her you can see through this drama. Like a real one. Haruto, her classmate that lose his niisan (older brother), make him choose to be as a medical student due to her uncurable disease. Haruto want to save another person who got to have that disease too. Lastly, Aya-chan died on the hospital bed. At her burial day, about an ocean of human come to visit her grave. Because all of them  read Aya's writing and amazed her.  And also because of her inspiring words that never giving up her life.
(Akira Mina-Dont give up)

“My life is like a flower that hasn't bloomed yet.
from the start of this youth, I want to treasure it and have no regrets.”

Friday, 30 November 2012

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Assalamualaikom w.b.t.

Sudahkah anda membaca alQuran pada hari ini ? #sapaImanSebentar

Jumaat, 9.15 malam.
Post pertama yg diupdate dalam Bahasa Melayu.
Bahasa Ibundaku. Ok. Berbalik kepada title post ni yang tertera di atas iaitu "Berbezakah orang yang luas ilmunya dengan orang yang mendalami ilmunya ? "
Jawapannya- Ya. Berbeza.
Sebelum ini, saya ada update status berkenaan hal ini di Facebook saya. Ada sahabat saya yang bertanya dan saya sudahpun menjelaskannya secara ringkas dan padat. Tapi saya masih ingin mengulas apa itu ' orang yang luas ilmunya dan orang yang mendalami ilmunya '. Sebenarnya ayat ini agak ringkas. Jadi, ada huraiannya. Teruskan membaca.

Bismillah. Ok. Here we go.
Orang yang luas ilmunya.
( Maksudnya- Orang yang alim (tahu), samada melalui pembacaan ataupun pembelajaran formal/tidak formal dan lain2)
Luas ? Satu perkataan yang digunakan untuk mewakili perkataan 'banyak'. Apakah orang yang ilmunya banyak semestinya soleh/solehah ? Tidak semestinya.

Kenapa ?
Kerana tidak semestinya seseorang yang luas ilmunya beramal dengan perkara yang diketahuinya sama ada melalui pembelajaran atau pengalamannya.

Kalau memang semuanya beramal, pasti kes-kes kerosakan akhlak di kalangan pelajar sekolah agama berada pada tahap sifar.
Pasti semua paderi yang mengetahui kebenaran agama Islam akan mengucapkan dua kalimah syahadah dan cuba mengkhabarkan para penganut Kristian tentang kesahihan agama ini. Jika semuanya beramal, maka tiadalah berlaku hal-hal demikian.

Berteman dengan orang bodoh yang tidak mengikuti ajakan hawa nafsunya adalah lebih baik bagi kalian daripada berteman dengan orang alim tapi      selalu suka terhadap hawa nafsunya
 (Ibnu Attaillah asSakandari) 

Orang yang mendalami ilmunya
( Orang yang memahami dengan sebenar-benar kefahaman (mghayati) dan beramal dengan ilmu yang diperolehinya )
Bila faham, rasa2nya mesej baik sampai terus atau tidak kepada kita ?
Contoh terdekat,
Anda yg berada di Maahad Tahfiz pastinya setiap hari ada kelas alQuran. Setiap hari bibir terkumat kamit membaca kalamNya supaya kekal dalam ingatan. Hairan atau tidak apabila melihat seorang penghafaz alQuran berinteraksi menggunakan bahasa yang tidak sepatutnya keluar daripada mulut yg sentiasa membaca mukjizatNya ?

Ya. Ini berlaku kerana tiada penghayatan dan kesedaran di dalam diri individu tersebut.
Hatta seorang insan yang tidak bergelar seorang  hamlul/hamlatul Quran boleh mengaplikasikan adab dan cara hidup seorang muslim yang mukmin di dalam kehidupan sehariannya. Inikan pula orang yang selalu menyebut-nyebut kalam Allah.
Segalanya bergantung terhadap sedalam mana kefahaman dan penghayatan kita kepada setiap ilmu yang brmanfaat khususnya perkara yang berkaitan dengan alQuran dan asSunnah.

Konklusinya, cacat salah satu pun tak elok juga. Gabungkan kedua-dua elemen ini barulah kita boleh aplikasikan cara hidup seorang Mukmin Professional (ada buku, dikarang oleh Ustaz Pahrol Mohamad Juoi).
p/s- Huffaz Generation Outstanding the Accomplishment of Ummah


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Gaza Under Attack !

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيمAssalamualaikom w.b.t

Allahumma Salli 3ala Muhammad w 3ala aali Muhammad (PBUH)
ان وعد الله حق !!
1 Muharram,a  new year in Hijri calendar. So now its 1434 H. Believe in Him,That the day where the Mujaahideen will deserve their sacrifice.Insha Allah.

First of all, of course me, my family and also all my muslims' friends would make a new goal indeed to increase al3ibaadah. A day when people start to make a new hope and work on it.BUTHave you heard about the air raid in Gaza ? This thing happened too last four year at the same date. 1 Muharram. Its clearly shown by this unappriopriate action as a 'MOCK and JEER for every  Palestinians' as 1 Muharram is the first date in Hijri's.8 Martyrs and more than 50 persons injured.One of the martyrs is Ahmad al-Ja'bary, a leader of Briged Izzuddin alQassam. Al Fatehah. The date of his death was on  14th November 2012 ( Wednesday ). A bombs war between Israel and the kataaib of alQassam ( Syabab min Falastiin) begin after the Israel's rocket bomb  managed to hit the car where al-Ja'bary reported to be in it. Allahumma Aamiin. Lets make duaa' for our Palestinians in Gaza.Keep praying. Keep praying. Keep praying. Live Palestine by LowkeyWallahua3laam

Thursday, 27 September 2012

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamualaikom w.b.t

Firstly, I'm about to tell about this picture and the reason for me to publish it on my bloggy.
This picture was taken near the Bazaar at KB Mall. Allah arrayed us an iftaar there.
Actually, we arrived at KB Mall at about 5 o'clock above. I'm not remember the sharp moment when we reached there. Please pray for us to finish our memorizing of alQuran 30 juzu'. Thats the reason. Insha Allah. Allahumma Aamiin. Alhamdolellah, one of us managed to finish her memorizing. She sat on the left side. Number four, wearing a niqaab. 
Oops ! Almost forget to tell about that 'Big Obligation'. 
Actually, all of us almost near the red line. Whoaa ! I can't believe this. Since I am thirteen I was meddle in Maahad Tahfiz Sains Maahad Amir Indra Petra, Beris Kubor Besar, Bachok, Kelantan. Start with 4 surah -As-Sajadah, Yaasin, Ad-Dukhan and Al-Mulk and then Juzu' 30. Finished both of them, then we continued our journey with Juzu' 1 until now. 
How much test have come to us during this period you think ? Allahuakbar. Really so much titanic problems come indeed to test us. As this ayah said :

أَحَسِبَ النَّاسُ أَن يُتْرَكُوا أَن يَقُولُوا آمَنَّا وَهُمْ لَا يُفْتَنُونَ
Do the people think that they will be left to say, "We believe" and they will not be tried?
Yea. If something that we achieve is small, thats mean our effort also in small quantity. Opposite with that for a big successful that we could grab.
Big resposibility would come after you finished your memorizing. Masha Allah. It is an obligation for us to refreshing our mind back with the ayah Quran. It is a must. Or else, an-Naar is waiting for us to be throw away there. The most important here is our effort. If we are always murajaah alQuran but still not remember it, it is forgiven. As Allah won't make a difficulity towards His slave.
After remembering, not forgotten that we must follow alQuran's words. al-a3maal. Sami3naa wa atha3naa.
" We listen and  do obedient''.
Last but not least ( The last paragraph in my examination, I always use this ), teach alQuran to others.

قال صلى الله عليه وسلم: 
خيركم من تعلم القرءان وعلمه

"The best among you are those who 
learn the Qur'an and teach it." 

Always be pious and be generous for charity, Insha Allah, He will ease your way. :)

Friday, 17 August 2012

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Assalamualaikom w.b.t

Today, I met with a person that I have known for a long time ago. Not too long. Meanwhile, I just known her from a school magazine. Read her biography and only me knowing her but she's not. Yeah. Some words she was letting it rolling out from her throat. Some inspiring words I heard. It making me a bit glowing up. Yes. I see the future. Insha Allah. Since she was telling us about her experience at UK. Even a taxi driver can tell wisely about Islam. She was astonished to hear his penetrating explaination. That was really good. I'm expecting that currently muslim just based on name. That's dissapointing me. Even about prayer they still stumbling  when they are giving some explaination. Its not the point to have a muslim but not a mukmin legacy. The things that make a differenity of muslims and kafir is prayer. See ? people who do not concern about their prayer may have another problems in accomplishing their schedules, actions and works. Feeling miserable all the day. And empty. No vision in life. Thats what we will fall into, when humans forgetting God- Allah. (For christians reader) Jesus letting my statement to be right in bible. Which is demanding the christianity worship for Allah. The only one.  But I'm sorry for not putting the prove as I am forgot which version it is.  "All three religions are from God, but they were received at different times in evolution of human history. Human understanding God has advanced each time ." A world without Islam
Quite right. With a sober mind, I'm calling all muslims to experience alQuran and bible. Allah gived hidayatul irsyad. Seeing the prove and think logically with our stunning mind may make us get hidayatul taufik. Insha Allah. Keep praying. Dont give up.


Sunday, 1 July 2012

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Assalamualaikom w.b.t

My team won the first place for Eureka in i-MaJESTIC week.
From Wikipedia :
Eureka means - 
"Eureka/jʊˈrkə/ is an interjection used to celebrate a discovery, a transliteration of a word attributed to Archimedes.
Actually, we made a Rocket Candy using potassium nitrate + sugar. Due to a circumtance problems, we failed to publish it to the air. I was watching our rocket together with my companionship burning on the tar. A bit sad. We did make another plan. Yeah. Akira mina ! our heart whispering surely toughing our determination.

Okay. I'm going to school now. Maybe i will tell more about my team later. Insha Allah.
Huffaz Generation Outstanding the Accomplishment of Ummah. :)