Friday, 17 August 2012

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Assalamualaikom w.b.t

Today, I met with a person that I have known for a long time ago. Not too long. Meanwhile, I just known her from a school magazine. Read her biography and only me knowing her but she's not. Yeah. Some words she was letting it rolling out from her throat. Some inspiring words I heard. It making me a bit glowing up. Yes. I see the future. Insha Allah. Since she was telling us about her experience at UK. Even a taxi driver can tell wisely about Islam. She was astonished to hear his penetrating explaination. That was really good. I'm expecting that currently muslim just based on name. That's dissapointing me. Even about prayer they still stumbling  when they are giving some explaination. Its not the point to have a muslim but not a mukmin legacy. The things that make a differenity of muslims and kafir is prayer. See ? people who do not concern about their prayer may have another problems in accomplishing their schedules, actions and works. Feeling miserable all the day. And empty. No vision in life. Thats what we will fall into, when humans forgetting God- Allah. (For christians reader) Jesus letting my statement to be right in bible. Which is demanding the christianity worship for Allah. The only one.  But I'm sorry for not putting the prove as I am forgot which version it is.  "All three religions are from God, but they were received at different times in evolution of human history. Human understanding God has advanced each time ." A world without Islam
Quite right. With a sober mind, I'm calling all muslims to experience alQuran and bible. Allah gived hidayatul irsyad. Seeing the prove and think logically with our stunning mind may make us get hidayatul taufik. Insha Allah. Keep praying. Dont give up.